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About Us

For those new to us...

PSP Party started out originally as a share group several years ago.
But then, I had been taking a "class" from another group and was always being censored for being too risque and I wanted to just be able to create in my own style without any drama!
So after my friend dropped out and left the group to me, I decided that I wanted to make a new learning group! 

So that's how PSP Party was born...
from a desire and need to be able to create WHAT I wanted... WHEN I wanted... HOW I wanted... 

Over the last few years, Party has gone through some transformations... all for the better!

First by shedding our Yahoo! skin and moving into our own forum!
(Don't worry, the school is and always will be a part of PSP Party, but now we are even better!!!)

And now... we're adding our own e-magazine!!!

But, you might be asking, where does PSP Party Central fit into this?

Well, it's just what it says it is.
The forum is the main place that we get together to have our fun!

You will find fun games (psp and non-psp), challenges and contests...
We have great prizes sponsored by Pics For Design, graduation gifts from Up Your Art and even some great freebies from some of the staff and generous members, but you'll have to come in and check it out for yourself!!!

We have several great exclusives by some wonderful artists...
Saad Salman Zia, Wendy Gerber, Susan Justice, Neoracer, Lady Mishka, Arthur Crowe and the Hunter!

So if you are looking for a group that is drama free, without the cliques and favoritism, without the member sweeps and posting requirements to remain a member, then this is the right place for you! ;)

Check out our rules HERE
And if you wanna party with us... don't forget to register!

Whether you wanna learn or you just wanna play... we got it all!!!

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