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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good news...

guess everyone is in for a little treat soon!!!

Due to a lot of requests by some, I have decided to do a little preview of the magazine!

I'm working on it right now!!!

I will tell ya, there won't be a whole lot of advertising in this little preview but there will be a few introductory things that I wanted to put in the magazine but wasn't sure how exactly to work them in... I think this will work out perfectly!  I can get everything in that I wanted, without compromising the first issue with things that won't always be in the magazine!  So, yeap, it's PERFECT!!!

I hope that everyone likes what we are working on and that more people will come around and follow us!!!

Remember, this magazine is about the PSP community, not just our website and forum.  We welcome other forums, groups, licensing companies, stores, artists, etc. to all come and contribute... and we are ALWAYS open to suggestions, comments, questions and concerns.  So be sure to come check us out!!!


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