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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February 2012 - Issue 4

Please be aware that it will take a few to load...
Just give it a chance and we're sure it'll be well worth the wait.


rabidbunny said...

Awesome issue! I truly enjoyed reading it, and think some of the things said NEEDED to be said! The interviews were delightful! Some great ads too!
And a BIG thank you to everyone who contributed goodies to the collab "Love Struck"!


LadyDragus said...

so far this is the best issue yet.. I've never read the other mag's.. Probably wont either.. But i love this issue thank you ..

Cuddz said...

A most brilliant and informative edition as alays.
I am so much in agreement with Cpt. Frogger with regards to valentines Day. Love is for everyday.
Reading Mindy's part bringing to light yet another way some people are trying to bully others... I have to say "Bravo" for coming out and telling your story. Its way past the time all this stopped. As you say its just jealousy and petty mindedness.
The Collab is absolutely Fabulous, Thank you for your generosity to those that contributed.
All in all I loved reading every word,
A HUGE Thank You to all that have participated,
Please Please keep it going, and I will look forward to the March Issue

OzzieDreama said...

This is the first issue I have read
I TOTALLY enjoyed it .....
I am sorry that you have been pushed so far that you needed to discuss personal issues like this publicly. I have seen several people over the years been bullied and harassed in the Psp community and unfortunately some of them caved and gave up. We lost people with so much to give because of peoples jealousy. More people need to stand up, and speak out. Bullying of any form should NOT be tolerated. Good on you for sharing xx

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